Tuesday, December 4, 2012

:::{Christmas Decor Crafties}:::

This is Blake and I's first Christmas as a married couple, and my first year with my own home that I'm solely responsible for decorating...  So true to form, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration, and I was not disappointed!  Today, I made these little beauties:
I found fake pears and the little bird at the Dollar Tree.  I spray painted them gold, then used spray adhesive to cover them with gold glitter.  I love them so much I think I'm going to go back to the Dollar Tree to get a couple more pears!  They also had apples, which would probably look pretty sweet as well... Also, if it would go better with your Christmas decor, you could always do them silver instead.  I got the inspiration for this little project from this blog, which had ideas for several other fun Christmas crafts as well.
See, I went and got more pears!
Also at the Dollar Tree, I found the fixings to make a wreath... They had various sizes of twig wreaths as well as a variety of fake flowers and colored twiggy, bunches that I took a liking to.  So I cut the branches into individual little sprigs, and wove the wired stems into the wreath; a few took a small twist tie to secure. Then I took a length of wire-edged ribbon that I had picked up at Costco, tied a bow, and hung it on our front door.  All in all, I think it turned out quite festive!

On the inside of the door I hung a cranberry and popcorn garland...  I had never strung popcorn before; it was an adventure!  I used a light weight fishing line, which worked well, but I only had a very large needle on hand.  This did NOT work in my favor, as the popcorn kept breaking, but I think with a smaller needle it would work just fine, and be old-fashioned and quite pretty.  As it was, this was all the patience I had...
And I hung ornaments and ribbon around the window...

I also plan on making these ornaments.
Picture from katy elliot.
They are so adorable!  Plus they are made from a cinnamon/applesauce dough, so they smell like Christmas!  I have all the ingredients except for a heart shaped cookie cutter (I have looked all over Pocatello in vain!), so my gracious momma is sending me one... Inspiration from this blog.

Tonite, I will be rolling Rum Balls (recipe will be posted later this week...).
Yay Christmas!  I love it!

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